Navigating the student home page in Pathblazer

Use this page to learn more about how students log in and the various elements of student homepage and basic navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that when a student completes a Pathblazer assignment the folder disappears?
This is standard behavior for any assignment, no matter how it is assigned. When it is complete, it no longer shows up for students so the student experience is kept as uncluttered as possible.


Students will go to to login to their student account. Be sure to use one of the following supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Puffin is no longer supported for use with Odyssey.





This is the student homepage. The folders that appear here are based on which solutions and Assignments are designated for the student.


Use this table to learn about the icons found on the homepage: 

Option Image Description
Home Icon Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Home.png Click the home icon to return to the home page lobby.
Portfolio Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Portfolio.png The Portfolio shows a summary of new, current, or in-progress assignments. For more details about the portfolio, click here
Writer Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Writer.png The Writer tool is designed to help improve and develop writing skills. 
Gradebook Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Gradebook.png The Gradebook provides an overview of the work completed including project status, completion date, and total score. 

This feature is only available if the school or teacher has created a custom grouping of assignments and organized them into a course. General learning path activity scores will not automatically appear when selecting the Gradebook.
Toolkit Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Toolkit.png The Toolkit contains resources such as a glossary, calculator, base ten blocks, counters, algebra tiles, periodic table, etc. 
Activity Finder Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_ActivFind.png The Activity Finder allows students to input an activity code after clicking the magnifying glass. This then opens right to that activity. It can be used for new or previously completed activities to try to achieve a better score. 
Community Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Community.png The Community is where teachers may post discussion questions. 
Mail Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Mail.png Students can send and receive internal mail messages using this option. 
Logout Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_Logout.png Use this button to log out when exiting the program.



After clicking a lesson folder, its activities will be displayed.


Image Description
Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_check.png Activity has been completed.
Successful_Student_Navigation__Logging_in_and_the_Home_Page_star.png This is the current activity to be completed.