Release Notes

Release briefings are distributed whenever changes are made to Pathblazer that affect the daily activities of our educators or students. These changes can be new features, enhancements or improvements to current features, fix bugs, or functionality that otherwise impacts your experiences while working with Pathblazer.


  • Daily data imports from Renaissance using 3rd party integrations API.
  • Husky player updates will be automatically deployed with each release
  • Security improvement to expire sessions on duplicate pages after users have logged out
  • Question audios to use MP3 files instead of flash files
  • Rectified average scores calculation for Student Progress Report
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed the NWEA Import to show error details about those BIDs that are invalid and did not get processed.

  • Fix to properly display some of the missing folders in Assignment Builder & Curriculum Index on account of incomplete HTML tags in descriptions.


  • How NWEA import of invalid BIDs are processed

  • Flash Activities and Empty Folder Cleanup - HTML learning activities containing one or more flash embedded content have been removed from all existing assignments.


  • Students with an apostrophe in their names can view Student Dashboard
  • Missing images for 4th and 5th Grade Social Studies Lesson Quizzes replaced
  • Fix for certain scenarios where the user is unable to upload files in Practice Resource
  • Transferring student(s) within the school error is resolved
  • Common Fix for some issues impacting Course creation and closing of popups
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


  • FL BEST Math and ELA standards updated
  • NWEA ELA 2-5, 6+ MAP Assessments Assignment Updates
    • Goal names changed
    • Some content rearranged
  • Learning Activities containing .swf files removed


  • Upgraded from .Net Framework 4.0 to .Net Framework v 4.8

  • Updated the code-base to use a single language - C# (existing VB and VJ# code was converted to C#)

  • Upgraded the following Libraries

    • Infragistics ASP.Net Web Controls v 2020.1

    • Ibex PDF Creator v 1.1 upgraded to v 4.0

  • Replaced Visual J# implementation for Zipping and Unzipping files with SharpZipLib v 1.3.2

  • Replaced Microsoft IE Web Controls (Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls) with native ASP.Net Web Controls

  • Support link from Reset Email Sent page has been updated.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and content updates

  • Some drag-and-drop activities optimized for iPad

  • Third-party integration bug fixes


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