End of Year- Options tab

Use this page to learn about the options tab within the End of Year process.

These are some of the choices an Administrator must decide on Options tab of the End of Year process.

Option Image Description
Highest grade for End of Year changes End_of_Year-_Options_tab2.png Determine the highest grade level to be affected by the End of Year process.
End of Year Option End_of_Year-_Options_tab3.png

Graduate highest grade will delete the selection of students entirely from the Odyssey and they will not be able to login.

Promote to the next grade will increase students' grade level by one.

Stay in the same grade makes no changes to the students' grade levels.


Student data to delete End_of_Year-_Options_tab4.png In addition to graduating or promoting students' grade levels, End of Year allows for deletion of student Assignments and the Classes to which they may be associated.


To learn how to access this tab, click here.