Adding a Class to a Test Scheduled Using the Imagine Galileo Bulk Scheduler

The Bulk Schedule History displays all tests a District Administrator, School Administrator, or other district-level and school-level users have created using the Bulk Scheduler tool. After a test has been scheduled you can add a class, edit the test settings, or delete a scheduled test

To add a class to a test that has been scheduled using the bulk scheduler

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Assessment > Test Scheduling > Bulk Schedule History.


  3. Click Test.


  4. Choose the Start and End dates of the test window that you want to edit and the School to which you want to add a class.


  5. Click [Edit Classes] where you would like to add a class. 


  6. Use the Grade Level drop-down, Course Code search box, or Last Name search box to find the class(es) you would like to add. Once you have located the school where the class(es) you want to add are located, choose the Select box to add the class.


  7. (Optional) Use the Instructor of Record drop-down to change the Instructor of record for the test and then click Update Teacher.


    If you change the Instructor of Record you must click Update Teacher before proceeding to the next step. 


  8. Click Add Class(es).


  9. Click the double arrow ( doubleArrowBHS.png ) to move all the classes listed in the Non-selected Class(es) list to the Selected Class(es) list. To move an individual class, click the class and then the single arrow ( singleArrowBHS.png ).


  10. Click Schedule selected class(es).


  11. You are returned to the Bulk Schedule Classes page where you can continue to add classes or click Back to Bulk Schedule History to return to events you have scheduled using the Bulk Scheduler, or click the dashboard icon ( dashboardicon_upd.png ) to return to the Teacher Dashboard Calendar.