Setting Subject Level Access for a student account

Subject Level Access gives the students access to all curriculum content of a particular subject at a selected grade level. Students are also given access to curriculum content one grade level below and one grade level above the specified grade.

Students who finish all of their Assignments will have access to any subjects and at the grade levels designated in the Subjects tab of their accounts. This work can be seen as extracurricular work and it will not display in the Class Progress. In order to view data from work done in Subject Level Access, Educators must run a "Student Progress Report" and select "All Work" while on the "Assignments" tab of the report's configuration.

Students who complete assignments will revert to “explore mode,” which gives them access to content at their grade level, one grade level below, and one grade level above. When working in Subject Level Access students have free movement to work in any lesson or activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson quizzes and chapter tests have a unique design compared to standard learning activities. They are dynamic because questions for quizzes and tests are pulled from a pool of questions, making the particular quiz or test unique. If a student needs to retake the quiz or test, the sequence and/or questions will be different. Therefore, the quiz and tests do not mark as complete. If you wish to see whether a quiz or test had been completed, please check the student portfolio or run a report.

Subject Level Access is essentially like giving the student the entire test book for a subject. The student can redo activities/quizzes/tests and skip around to different lessons and chapters as they please. We do not recommend this feature due to limitations on the number of reports you can run and you also have less control over what the student completes in the subject. 

To toggle Subject Level Access on and off:

  • Navigate to My Students
  • Select My Students on the left-hand panel to display the roster of the students
  • Click the edit icon next to the desired student's name
  • Subjects tab

For any subject with a grade level next to it, the student has Subject Level Access. For a student to not have Subject Level Access, switch the grade level to "none".

A student must have Subject Level Access for at least one subject.

Assignments provide many functions that Subject Level Access cannot. Assignments allow teachers to have more control over how a student progresses through the activities and allow more advanced reports, such as Student Completion. A teacher can put an Assignment in Sequential mode so the student must start from the very beginning and can only move on after completing an activity, quiz, or test. Building an assignment like this also allows teachers to set Decision Points, which can prevent students from moving on if they don't meet the required mastery score for a quiz or test.

Subject Level Access cannot be used with Assignments. Assignments will override Subject Level Access.

Example: A student has Subject Level Access for US History 1. If that student has an assignment in US History 1, the assignment will take dominance. Once all assignments in that subject are completed, the Subject Level Access will return.

To set subject level access

  1. Click My Students.
  2. Under My School, select Students.
  3. Click the Edit icon Odyssey-Edit_Student_Icon.png of the desired student.
  4. Click the Subjects tab.
  5. Select the desired grade level for at least one subject.
  6. When finished, click Save.