Allowing students to retake activities and quizzes

Use this page to show students how to redo activities and quizzes. Students will enter the activity code in the Activity Finder. In order for students to retake lesson quizzes and chapter tests, a new assignment must be created with the assessment included and assigned to the students.


  1. Have the student log in to their account.
  2. Click Portfolio.
  3. A window will display showing the Recent Work for the student. Use the Today, Week, and Month filters on the left to locate the desired activity or assessment.
  4. Find the desired activity, then copy or save the activity code. This is the code that is displayed to the right of the activity name.

  5. Return to the lobby window.
  6. Select the Activity Finder in the bottom right of the page.
  7. Enter the Activity Code into the search bar and press Enter on the keyboard.
  8. The student will then be taken to the chosen activity or activity quiz to start the retake.