Understanding Edit Tasks when editing an assignment

These are the options available when editing an assignment and "Edit Tasks" has been selected.



Option Image Description
View Assignment PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_view_assignment.png Provides a task list and the state standards are associated with the assignment tasks. The state that displays is based on the state of the user. 
Assignment PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_assignment_title.png This is the assignment name.
Order PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_order.png Determines the order the activities will display for the students. 
Remove PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_remove.png Takes out the activities that are selected.
New Folder PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_new_folder.png Allows an educator to create a folder to house activities.
Move to Folder PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_move_to_folder.png The activities selected will be moved to a specified folder.
New Assignment PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_new_assignment.png

Allows a user to create a new assignment. 

The changes made to this page will not be saved and the educator will be sent to another page to create an assignment.

Add Decision Point PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_add_decision_point.png Allows an educator to add a passing threshold on a scoreable activity and determine if the student repeats instruction or receives another attempt.
Add Curriculum PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_add_curriculum.png Find additional curriculum to add to the assignment. 
Complete Assignment PH-_Assignment_Archive-_Open_a_Copy_Overview-_complete_assignment.png Finalizes the changes to the assignment.