Understanding the Assignment Builder



Option Description
Title Name of the assignment.
Description Optional- this will show up in the assignment archive and help the teacher know what the assignment is about.
Availability Place where the assignment can be found. Most teachers will have only My Assignments as an option. The assignment will be stored in the teacher's file.
Subject Determine the subject of the assignment.
Level State the grade level of the assignment.
Solution Check the solution to which the assignment will be associated. At least one must be selected. 
Assignment Order
  • Sequential Order - places the assignment in sequential order
  • Self-Select - essentially free-movement and will allow the student to select the order
  • Auto-launch - ideal for K-2 students and is sequential order and will automatically begin the next activity when the other ends. 
Apply assignment order to all folders

This, when selected, will own the assignment order selection.


Suppress Duplicate Activities When in the same assignment, it will remove any duplicates.
Show Resources This has been removed so keep No
Draft Mode If selected, it will need to be found in the drafts. Ideal to keep at No
Show Tool Kit This has been removed so keep No
Assign to students now? Determine whether to create all assignments and then assign to students or to assign to the students now.