Understanding Student Screens in Imagine Reading

Imagine Reading helps students become strong readers, critical thinkers, and confident communicators. It is designed with a focus on discourse. Texts are organized by theme with a Focus Question to guide critical engagement and classroom discussion. The passages within each Imagine Reading unit have a wide range of Lexile levels. Learning begins with the Focus Question video to engage students in thinking
about the central idea for the entire unit.

Passages are read independently in the online program, where strategic structure helps students reach rigorous, grade-level standards and texts. During their reading, students encounter multiple instances where they are asked to cite text evidence. Every passage includes a culminating question where students highlight their prior answers and write an integrated summary of what they have read. 

Multi-Product-Client Login Screen

Student login information is determined by your school and managed by Administrators and Educators. While students can't change their login information, Educators and Administrators can change a student's username and password if necessary (for more information, see Editing student account information). 

Students accessing Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura use this login screen.


Product Screen

Students assigned to Imagine Reading can select that product on the Product Screen to start a session. 


Home Screen

The Home screen shows the units students have completed, recommended units, and the passages they have in progress. 


Unit Library Screen

The Unit Library shows a list of available units, including the units students are currently working on in the In Progress section.  


List of Passages in a Unit   

The passages available in a unit display when a student selects a unit. To start a passage or continue a passage in progress, students can choose a passage from the list, or choose Continue Working to start the next available passage not yet started in the list. 


Passage Screen

Students who start an Imagine Reading passage see a similar screen, starting with the Focus Question video, followed by questions. 


Completed Passage

When students complete a passage, they must select Send to Teacher to mark the passage complete and send it to the Teacher to review and grade any open-ended, written responses. Imagine Reading shows the number of ungraded written responses for each passage in the unit on the Teacher Dashboard.


Complete and Incomplete Passages

Passages that have been completed are indicated with a checkmark ( compl.png ) and incomplete passages are indicated with a circle ( incompl.png ).


Passage Complete 

Passages students have finished show Passage Complete when opened. Select Exit to close the passage and return to the list of passages.


Completed Units

Units students have completed display at the bottom of the Home page under Completed