Student screens in Imagine Reading


Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura are being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura end-of-life recommendations.

Here are common screens your students will encounter while using Imagine Reading.

Login page

Students accessing Imagine Reading via use the Students tab to log in. While students can't change their login information, educators can change a student's username and password. For instructions, see Editing student account information

Product screen

Students assigned to more than one product see all products assigned to them and must click a tile to start a session. 

Home page

The Home page shows work in progress, recommended units, and completed units. 

Unit Library Screen

The Unit Library shows a list of available units, including the units students currently have in progress.

List of Passages in a Unit   

The passages available in a unit display when a student clicks into a unit. To start a passage or continue a passage in progress, students can choose a passage from the list, or choose Continue Working to start the next available passage not yet started in the list.

Passages that have been completed are indicated with a checkmark ( compl.png ) and incomplete passages are indicated with a circle ( incompl.png ).


Passage screen

Imagine Reading passages contain a video followed by text with comprehension questions dispersed throughout the passage.


Each question must be sent individually for grading. Students must click Submit after answering every question.

Completing a passage

When students complete a passage, they must click Send to Teacher at the bottom of their screen to mark the passage complete and send it to their teacher to review and grade any open-ended, written responses. 

Passage Complete 

A finished passage that is re-opened shows Passage Complete at the bottom of the page. Click Exit to close the passage and return to the list of passages.