Printing Test Materials

The Print Test Materials page allows Administrators to print test materials to accompany assessments.  If you are not able to print test materials you will need to ask your District Administrator, or Building Administrator to give you access. When selecting a test, the appropriate materials for the selected test are presented. There are separate instructions for TE EL Assessments, TE EM assessments, Teacher-Read Assessments, 2nd Grade – High School tests, and adaptive tests.

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click  Assessment > Print Test Materials.


  3. If you are a District Administrator or  School Administrator with access to more than one school, select the school for which you want to print test materials. If you are a Teacher, go to step 4.png.


  4. Use the drop-down boxes to choose the library and test you want to print test materials for.


  5. Click Test Materials. If you only want to print an Answer Key, skip to step 10.png.printTestMasterials.png
  6. (Optional) Uncheck the Start Item Family stories on new page option.


    Unchecking this box may result in a story, poem, etc., appearing on a different page than the related test question. Leaving this box checked will keep this content together, but will result in more white space and a test with more pages. 


  7. (Optional) Check the Large Print, Show Correct Answer (multiple choice only), Include Standard and/or Print Teacher Notes options.


  8. Click Print Test. Your test will open in a new browser window where it can be printed or saved.


  9. Click Print Script and Instructions. Your script and Instructions will open in a new browser window where they can be printed or saved. 


    This option will only be available for tests that require test administrators to use a script and/or additional instructions.


  10. Click Answer Key.


  11. (Optional) Check the Include item text on answer key box.


  12. Click Generate Answer Key. The answer key will open in a new browser window where it can be printed or saved.