Viewing Test Activity Reports in Imagine Galileo

The Testing Activity report allows District Administrators, School Administrators, and other District-level users to monitor the implementation of scheduled tests. The report displays the tests administered during a selected time period. Each report shows a list of schools and individual classes and the completion percentage for each. You can also view the Test Monitoring report to analyze testing data, monitor student progress on an online test, lock or unlock a student’s test, submit a student's test, and pause a timed test. 

To view a Test Activity report

  1. Choose Reports > Monitoring > Testing Activity.


  2. Click the School & Grade drop-down lists to filter the report by School, Test Grade (optional), or Student Grade


  3. Select the Date Range, for which you would like to view a report.


  4. Click All Tests, Only include benchmark tests, or Only include formative tests.


  5. Click Run Report.


  6. The test details page shows a list of classes scheduled to take the selected test, the number of students in each class, the number of students who took the test, the percentage of students who took the test, and whether or not there was full test participation. Use the table below to learn more about the report details.


    Section Description

    The Test section of the report shows which tests have been administered. Click a test to view the schools that participated in the test. Click a school to view which classes took the test. Click a class to view a list of students scheduled for and have taken the test.

    taken_scheduledActReport.png The Taken/Scheduled section of the report shows the total number of each test that has been scheduled and the total number of students who have completed each test. 
    participationActReport.png The Participation section of the report shows the percentage of students who have completed each test. 
    fullActReport.png The Full? section of the report shows if a test has been completed by 100% of the students assigned to take it. A black check ( blackCheckActReport.png ) appears if a test reached 100% participation. 
    analysisStatusActReport.png The Analysis Status section of the report shows if the test has received an Imagine Learning test analysis. 
    readyforAnalysisAct2Rep.png The Ready for Analysis section of the report shows if a test is ready for an Imagine Learning test analysis. Imagine Learning recommends an 80% participation rate to be considered for analysis. A red exclamation point (redExActReport.png) indicates that test participation has not reached 80% and is not ready for analysis.

    Click Ready For Analysis to submit a test(s) for analysis.

    A gray check ( grayCheckActReport.png ) appears after a test has been submitted to Imagine Learning for analysis.

    print_icon.png Prints the current view of the report.
    test_activity_export_icon.png Enables Administrators to export the report to Excel or a detailed student report.