Understanding Think Points

Imagine Math’s innovative motivation system inspires student to learn by helping develop problem-solving skills, perseverance, academic self-esteem, and confidence. We continually develop national and local-level motivational programs and contests to make math fun and engaging while encouraging students to work independently and collaboratively towards their goals.

As students work through lessons, they earn Think points. THINK points are awarded for completing lessons, and additional THINK points are awarded for performing well on the lesson. Students can use their THINK points to design their avatar, donate to classroom goals, or to donate to charity.

How do students earn points?

Where do students see their THINK Points?

Why do students receive less points for a correct answer?

How can students spend their THINK Points?

How do students earn points?

Students earn points while they are working through their lesson. The points they earn are applied to their total number of points after they have completed the entire lesson. This assists in keeping students motivated to finish the full lesson before spending their points.

Students earn 250 THINK Points upon completion of the benchmark test. In order for these bonus points to be credited to the student's account they need to complete their first lesson. Upon completion both the bonus points as well as the points earned within the lesson will be applied to the student's account.

Where do students see their THINK Points?

Students can view points, on their Home Screen and in the Class Leaders dashboard. Here are some additional details: 

Home Screen THINK Points: 

  • THINK Points Earned in Lesson – These points are specific to the amount the student has earned so far in the current lesson. Once the lesson is finished, these points are reset to zero, as they are specific to the current lesson.
  • THINK Points This Year – This is a grand total of the points the student has earned this year. All of the points received in all lessons combined will add up to this total.
  • THINK Points to Spend – This is the amount of points the student has to spend right now. This is the student's THINK Points This Year minus the THINK Points spent on Avatar items, Contests and Classroom Goals.


Class Leaders: 
The student points leaderboard shows students a hierarchy of who has earned the most points this week as well as who has completed the most lessons.  The student leaderboard follows the same principals as educator-view leaderboards.  See our article to learn more about these leaderboards!


Leaderboard Reset

The leaderboard updates every 15 to 30 minutes.

The student points leaderboard resets every Saturday evening (Sunday, 12:00am UTC), meaning that the points leaderboard only displays the number of points each student has earned for the current week.

This was implemented to continually motivate students and give each student a fair chance to be at the top of the points leaderboard. If one student has a commanding lead in overall points it tends to cause other students to lose motivation, so clear the points on the leaderboard each week to provide an equal opportunity each week. Please note that students will still keep their points from week to week to spend and/or donate.

Why do students receive fewer points for a correct answer?

Students receive a lower number of points for a correct answer when they are retaking a lesson. This assists in motivating students to do their best on their first attempt of a lesson!

Below is our point system in place for student lesson retakes:  

  • 1st attempt (correct answer) - 25 Points
  • 2nd attempt (correct answer) - 13 Points
  • 3rd attempt (correct answer) - 7 Points

How can students spend their THINK Points?

Students can choose to spend their THINK Points on Designing their Avatars, donating to Classroom Goals or Giving to Charity!  Students can use the following steps in their account: 

Design Your Avatar

  1. Click Redeem.
  2. Select Design Your Avatar.
  3. Click Design Avatar.


  4. Select categories and attributes of preferred item(s).


  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Exit to return to Home Screen.

Give to Charity

  1. Click Redeem.
  2. Select Give to Charity.
  3. Select check box next to appropriate charity.


  4. Use slide bar to select amount of points to donate.
  5. Click Give.

Give to Your Class


If "Give to Your Class" is not available, please see our article "Why can't my student contribute to a Classroom Goal?" for more details. 

  1.  Click Redeem.
  2.  Select Give to Your Class.


  3. Use slide bar to select amount of points to donate.
  4. Click Give.