Playing Mazel Cannon in Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español

Mazel Cannon is one of several games students can play when visiting the Imagine Museum after earning Booster Bits in Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español. The goal of Mazel Cannon is to launch the mazel out of the cannon as far as possible. The game is unlocked and available for students to play during students' first visit to the museum. 

To play Mazel Cannon (instructions for students):

  1. Click the Mazel Cannon tile to start the game, once entering the Imagine Museum.

  2. As the cannon rotates, click the mouse to choose the angle for your shot. The power gauge of the cannon increases and decreases to indicate the power level behind your shot.


  3. Click the mouse again to choose the power level for your shot. This launches your mazel into the air and changes the mouse pointer into a balloon.


  4. Click anywhere on the screen to pop the balloon, which pushes your Mazel even further in the air. You can click the mouse to pop as many balloons as you have in the table in the upper left corner.
  5. Click on the table to see how many more balloons you can collect and to reset the cannon. The power bar on the left side of the balloon tile increases as you collect balloons. Most balloons are bought in the mazel cannon store, and one balloon, a hidden balloon, is located behind the cannon.
  6. To obtain the hidden balloon, launch the mazel straight into the air and knock it backward with a balloon. Click the hidden balloon to add it to the table.


    When you have collected all the balloons except for the hidden balloon, the power bar reaches the top and you'll see a message on the balloon tile that says "Sold Out." After you see the "Sold Out" message, you can look for the hidden balloon. Hidden balloons are not purchased from the store.