Using Intervention Tools in the Action Areas Tool

Administrators and Teachers can use the Action Areas Tool to identify which students need additional support and then choose Intervention Tools and resources to intervene with those students. Intervention Tools provide more details, printouts, and additional activities to reteach, reinforce, and intervene with your students for a specific skill or academic standard. You can also create and assign a playlist of activities from the Action Areas Tool for students who need additional support with a specific skill or academic standard.

To use Intervention Tools to intervene with students

  1. Log in to the Literacy Suite. If this is your first time logging in, click Imagine Language & Literacy.


  2. Click Action Areas in the upper navigation pane.


  3. Identify students that need additional support using the Action Areas Tool.
  4. Click Open Intervention Tools to view details, printouts, and assign activities to reteach, reinforce, and intervene for that skill.


    Section Description
    Students to Focus On Lists the students who need additional support for a specific skill or academic standard. The Action Areas Tool identifies students needing additional support within a skill or academic standard when the student scores less than 70% correct on at least 3 activities that assess that skill. Click the student name to see the specific skills they need additional support for.
    Skill Levels Lists which students need additional support at a specific skill level. Click the skill level to see which students need additional support.
    Skill Details Displays a detailed description of the skill and what students are expected to demonstrate to gain proficiency.
    Filter by Student Narrows your results to a specific student.
    Filter by Specific Skill Narrows your results to those students who need additional support for a specific skill. This filter determines what Intervention Tools you see.
    Create and Assign an Activity Playlist

    Allows you to create an activity playlist from a suggested list of Imagine Language & Literacy activities and assign the activity playlist to the students you've selected.

    Click Select Students to choose the students that you want to assign to the playlist, then enter the name of the playlist in the Name Playlist field Choose the suggested activities that you want to add to the playlist, the click Create & Assign Playlist. Click More Details to learn more about each activity or click the activity thumbnail to launch the activity.

    Click Go to My Playlists to see a list of all the playlists that have been created.

    Use Printouts

    Provides printouts that teach and support this skill or academic standard. Click the printout to download it.

    Click Go to Teacher Resources to see all the available offline materials for Imagine Language & Literacy.


    Printouts are not available for every skill or academic standard.