Enabling Teacher Presentation Mode in Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español

The Teacher Presentation Mode allows Teachers and Administrators to pause the digital activities and discuss lessons with students. It's especially useful during whole-class instruction, but can also be used to provide assistance as you walk around your classroom looking over your students' shoulders.

When a digital activity is in presentation mode, it will not prompt you to press any buttons to continue as it does under normal circumstances if the user does not respond in a set amount of time.

Time in Teacher Presentation Mode is not included in usage time calculations

To access the Teacher Presentation Mode:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español
  2. Locate the activity you wish to play using Teacher Presentation Mode. This can be an activity you find in the Activity Explorer or one that a student is currently viewing on their own device.
  3. If the activity is not already playing, launch it by clicking the link or thumbnail and then clicking the pulsating play button.
  4. Pause ( pause.png ) the video using the button in the bottom left corner.
  5. Click Teacher Presentation Mode
  6. Click Play ( play_button_presentation_mode.png ) to continue the lesson in Teacher Presentation Mode

    You will know Teacher Presentation Mode is enabled when the screen's border is red, Teacher Presentation Mode displays at the bottom of the screen, and all the buttons on the navigation bar are hidden except for the play button.