Choosing units for your students in Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura


This article applies to Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura.

The Unit Library within Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura is a list of all the units that you can choose for your students. Administrators and Teachers can sort units by grade level or search for a specific unit by name or keyword(s). Each unit includes 6 passage texts about a specific topic; each passage text includes text, videos, images, annotations, glossary words, and comprehension questions to help reading comprehension. Each passage in an Imagine Reading unit is also assigned a Lexile score and word count to help you choose the most appropriate units for your students.  

To choose a unit:

  1. Log in to Imagine Reading or Imagine Lectura
  2. Click Unit Library in the upper navigation bar.


  3. If desired, filter the Unit Library by grade level or search for a specific title.
    Imagine Reading:

    Imagine Lectura:

  4. Click into a unit to see the Lexile levels and word counts for each passage. 

  5. Let your students know what unit you want them to work on. If the unit does not appear on the students' Home tab, have them click on the Unit Library to find the unit.


    Lexile levels and word count information does not display for students; it is only visible in the Unit Library for educators.