Using NWEA™ with Imagine Math 3+

If your organization has set up NWEA™ to share MAP® Growth Assessment scores with Imagine Learning, Imagine Math 3+ places your students in their correct learning pathway(s) in the program based upon NWEA MAP Growth Assessment scores that have been mapped to Imagine Math 3+ instructional content.

Imagine Math 3+ uses the student's most recent scores (as far back as last semester quantified as 6 months) to automatically determine and assign the appropriate Imagine Math 3+ rostered grade-level pathway and/or NWEA domain-specific pathways to the students. Once a student is placed in their pathway(s), they receive targeted math instruction to remediate any skill gaps identified by the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment. 

Upon initial login, if students have not taken the MAP Growth Assessment within the last 6 months, students begin working on their default grade-level pathway (rather than taking the Imagine Math 3+ Benchmark, as non-NWEA students do). Once students finish the Growth Assessment and Imagine Learning receives the scores from NWEA (within 1 to 2 business days), student pathways will be adjusted if necessary. This process repeats with every new NWEA MAP score that Imagine Learning receives throughout the year.

Students using the NWEA MAP auto-integration are still listed in the Benchmark report and the Benchmark Roster within Imagine Math 3+. However, NWEA MAP Growth Assessment scores do not display directly in Imagine Math. To view the scores, log in to NWEA from within Imagine Math as instructed below.

To access students' NWEA MAP Growth Assessment Scores:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.


    If your NWEA integration has been established, you will see the NWEA label to the right of your school name on the dashboard. If you do not see this, please contact Imagine Learning

  2. Click the Go to NWEA button in the Benchmark section of your dashboard. 



    Organizations with some grade levels using NWEA and other grade levels using the Imagine Math Benchmark will have a slightly different Benchmark section than shown above, which is for NWEA-only users. If your organization uses both assessment types, look for the link to NWEA at the top of the Benchmark section rather than the bottom.

  3. The system will take you to the NWEA login screen. Log in there using your NWEA password and credentials, which may be different from your Imagine Math credentials. 


You must be an NWEA Curriculum Administrator to access the NWEA District Dashboard. If you need assistance from NWEA, contact them at 866-654-3246 or visit