Using NWEA™ MAP® Growth scores to place students in Imagine Math Grade 3+

Imagine Math Grade 3+ can use NWEA MAP Growth Assessment scores to place students in Imagine Math Grade 3+ if your organization has set up NWEA to share assessment scores with Imaging Learning. Imagine Math Grade 3+ uses the student's most recent NWEA MAP Growth Assessment scores (as far back as last semester) to identify and assign the appropriate Imagine Math Grade 3+ NWEA pathways. Once a student is placed in the appropriate NWEA pathways, they are removed from the default grade level pathway if they were previously assigned to one. 

After students complete the next scheduled NWEA MAP Growth Assessment, Imagine Math may adjust the students' pathway if necessary. If a student's NWEA MAP Growth Assessment results require at least one grade level (+/-) change to a student's Instructional Area RIT score, Imagine Math will automatically adjust the student's NWEA pathways and remove any previously assigned pathways.


You can't recover any pathways that a student was previously assigned to; however, the Student Progress and Usage data for that pathway are preserved after a new pathway is assigned to the student.

If a student has not taken the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment, they will start on the first lesson in the default pathway for their assigned grade level.