How math time is calculated in Imagine Math PreK-2

The recommended usage time for Imagine Math PreK-2 is 45 minutes per week, which should result in completing 2 - 3 lessons within that week. 

Math Time will only accumulate while a student is working within an exercise or a Benchmark Test and the exercise is completed. Usage time will not be calculated until an exercise is completed. 

Time spent on the homepage, redeeming points, or loading an exercise is not included within this measurement. Math Time can be viewed in the Usage Overview Report.

Math time is calculated by a timer that starts once the student has loaded an exercise. Once the student has answered the questions and clicked on the Next button; the amount of time on the timer will be saved, and the timer will be reset. This will continue to happen for each exercise that the student works on until they exit or have gone idle for 10 minutes. Once the student has completed an exercise, the time spent on the exercise will be added to the student's math time.

The calculation of Math Time is automatically timed out if a student stops working on an exercise for 2 minutes.  

Please note that due to how Math Time is calculated if a student is working on an exercise and is unable to complete it before exiting, the time spent on this exercise will not be added to their Math Time measurement. 


The time spent on the map and in any reward areas is not factored into Usage Time/Math Time that appears in the usage report.