Determining how Usage Time is calculated in Imagine Español

Usage Time Calculations

Usage time is calculated based on the time the student spends in the program. Usage time starts counting when a student logs in to either Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español and stops counting when the student logs out, barring any pause time.


Usage time tracking will be paused when a student clicks the pause button and will resume when the student exits the pause menu to continue working in the program.

Automatic Pausing

Usage time tracking will automatically be paused if more than 70 seconds pass without the student interacting with the program, and will resume when the student starts interacting with the program again.

Ask Your Teacher for Help!

When the program automatically pauses the usage time, a message will be displayed that says "Ask your teacher for help!" and "You haven't done anything for a while. If you need help, please ask a teacher." After a few minutes on this page, the student will be logged out of the program if they don't click Continue