Making the best rostering decision for your school or district

A successful school year starts with a successful rostering experience. This workflow is designed to help District Administrators, IT administrators, Principals, or those who are familiar with rostering decisions and methods make the right rostering decision for their school or district. Keep in mind that you’ll need to roster each Imagine Learning product suite individually, regardless of which rostering method you choose.

Imagine Learning offers these 3 ways to roster Imagine Learning products:

  • Self-Managed Rostering: You roster your students, staff, and groups using in-product tools without assistance from Imagine Learning.
  • One-time Assisted Rostering: Imagine Learning provides import templates, which you populate with your roster data and then upload to Imagine Learning. The Imagine Learning Experience Operations team then does a one-time import of your roster data.
  • Automated Rostering: You work with the Imagine Learning Experience Operations team to set up a connection to automatically sync your roster data with Imagine Learning products.

When deciding which rostering method is best for you, consider these important factors:

  • Integration Method: How are you currently managing roster data in your district (i.e. through a Student Information System (SIS) or third-party integration service)?
  • Head Count: Do you need more than 200 staff and student accounts?
  • Student Mobility: How often do students move from one school to another within your district?
  • Rostering Frequency: How often do you need to update your rosters? (If your students change school within your district often, then you should roster more frequently.)
  Self-Managed Assisted Automated
Head Count < 200 accounts 200+ accounts 200+ accounts
Student Mobility Students don't move often  Students move more often Students move often
Rostering Frequency As needed  1-2 times Daily or weekly
Keep in Mind Use in-product tools to update rosters After initial import, use in-product tools to update rosters Use for SSO or NWEA