Benchmark Performance Levels

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Accessing Benchmark Performance Levels

Overview of Benchmark Performance Levels

The Benchmark Performance Level Report categorizes student progress on a series of benchmark assessments that have been placed on a common scale. This report displays the students' Developmental Level (DL) score and performance level relative to the cut score on each assessment taken. By default, the cut scores on the benchmark assessments are set to correspond to percentile ranks that were identified to facilitate the classification of students for intervention or enrichment. Students with scores at or above the "passing' cut score are classified as having met the standards on the benchmark test. In the report a chart displays the percent and count of students in each performance level, and provides access to the dis-aggregated data that is being displayed in the chart.

Note: If your district provided state test scores for forecasting, then the cut scores on the benchmark assessments are set to correspond to the cut scores on the state standardized test. Additionally, the performance levels will reflect the language of the levels on the state test.


Report Settings

Depending on the level of access of the user's account, there are up to 4 levels at which the report may be sgenerated: District, School, Class, and Student.

Adding Schools/Classes/Tests

Additional reporting categories can be added by clicking the search boxes and selecting an option from the drop down menu.


Removing Schools/Classes/Tests

They can be removed by clicking the x on the text boxes.



Display Options


The Chart tab displays:

  • A Key for the Performance Level Categories
  • Columns for each Performance Level Categories
  • A line partitioning Passing and Not Passing, representing the proficiency cut score on the test(s)


The Data tab displays :

Test Properties


  • Test Title
  • Total Points possible
  • Range of Developmental level Scale Scores

Performance Level Data


  • Name
    • Student, Class Name, School Name, or District Name.
  • Test Title
  • Student Count
  • Earned points or Average Earned Points
  • Percent Correct or Average Percent Correct