My student can’t take a test, why?

There are multiple reasons that a student may not be able to take a test. The scenarios and solutions are outlined below.

A test hasn't been scheduled yet

In order for a student tests must be scheduled to a student's specific group via the Bulk Scheduler or assigned to all groups via the Easy Benchmark Scheduler.



The Testing Window is Closed

If the window is closed then you can re-open it by reassigning the test using the Bulk or Easy Benchmark Schedulers.



The student trying to access the test outside of the scheduled hours

If the student is getting the message that they are outside of test hours,  use the calendar to double-check that the student is attempting to access the test within the hour and day limit. 




The test has been submitted

Students can submit their own test by going to Review>Submit Test from their student account once logged into the test.
A teacher/admin can submit a test by editing the lock icon from the test monitoring menu.


The test has been locked by a teacher or admin

An admin or teacher can lock the benchmark of a student they have access to via the test monitoring menu. You can unlock the test through that same menu.



The test is closed on the Test Builder page

We may be able to view whether a test has been closed by going to Assessment>Test Construction>Test Builder then checking the "Closed" slider column on the far left.



The Wrong School or Class is Selected

The student may have multiple classes they can select or they might not be assigned to the right class. We can check this from the student's account at the top.