Testing Activity Report

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This report allows administrators to monitor the implementation of scheduled assessments. The report displays tests administered during a selected time period, the number of students scheduled to take the tests, and the number of students who have actually taken the tests. There is a drill-down ability to get a list of schools and/or classes and the completion percentage for each. All district and school level users have access to this basic report functionality.

Advanced Functionality

District level users and select *school level users will use this page to request the IRT analysis be completed to generate Developmental Level scores.

*If there are no district-level users in the organization, school-level users will have the ability to request analysis.

Accessing/Generating Report

1. Hover over Reports, then over Monitoring, and select Testing Activity


2. Select the School, or [All Schools]*

*If your goal is to pull Request Analysis portion of the report, be sure to select [All Schools]

3. (optional) Filter by grade level

4. Select the appropriate date range

5. Select the desired test filtering radio button

6. Click Run Report


View Student Statuses/Participation Details

1. After generating the report, click on the name of the test

  • A list of the classes that were scheduled to take the test will appear, along with the number of students who took the assessment, number of students for whom the test is scheduled, and the participation rate


2. Click on the name of the class to see a list of the students and their test status*

*The checkmark in the Taken column does not indicate that the student has completed the test - it only indicates that the student has answered at least one question in the test.


Request Analysis of Scores

If your district or school site provides state test scores for forecasting, you will need to request that the test be analyzed. We recommend doing so once 80% of students have been tested.

1. Generate Report

2. Confirm that the participation rate, listed next to the name of the test, has reached 80%.

3. Place a checkmark in the Ready for Analysis box for each test that is ready

4. Click Ready for Analysis


A green checkmark will appear in the Analysis Status column when your analysis has been updated

NOTE: Tests are analyzed by our research department and results may take a while to populate in the portal. If a test has been analyzed but DL scores are still missing then please contact research@ati-online.com

 Please also note that tests can be analyzed only once.