Delete Student Test Scores


A student's test score for a test may be deleted by an administrator. There is no undelete, once a student's score is deleted it cannot be restored.

Note: To delete scores, the user must have write access to the test's library. Typically only District Administrators have this access. Only district admins have the authorization to approve deletions, school admins and Imagine Learning Customer Care agents are unable to complete deletion requests. (See: Library Builder, specifically Step 4 - Users, for more information.)

To Delete A Score

1. Hover over Assessments and select Test Scoring

2. Select Score Tests


3. Select the appropriate School, Class, Library, Test, and Student(s).


4. Select either Show scores only or Show test items with scores

5. Click the Delete Scores button. Note: Once a score is deleted, it cannot be restored.

6. Click the Save Scores button

7. The student's updated test score appears. Since there is no longer a test score, the message Test has not been scored displays.

Note: If a student is missing their score then they may have a duplicate account.