Printing Tips

To ensure that the Galileo-supported plain-paper scanner reads the bubble sheets and worksheets correctly, it is important that you follow these printing tips:

  • Update your classroom roster before bubble sheets and worksheets are printed. This is critical because the bubble sheets and worksheets automatically include the name of each student and his or her class along with a unique student/class identification bar code.
  • In order to print bubble sheets you must have first scheduled the test.
  • Use the Galileo-supported scanner and compatible printer to print bubble sheets. A laser printer may also be used.
  • Print a sample answer sheet (Printer Test Sheet.) You should:
    • Check the quality and layout before printing the bubble sheets for all students
    • Generate the sample answer sheet every time bubble sheets are generated
  • On the sample answer sheet (Printer Test Sheet) check to make sure all registration (anchor) marks are visible in the four corners.
  • On the sample answer sheet (Printer Test Sheet) check to make sure the barcodes at the bottom of the page are not truncated. If the barcodes are cut-off, make sure that your Adobe print options are set to the default:
    • Page Scaling: Shrink to Printable Areas
    • Auto-Rotate and Center should be checkedmceclip0.png