Print Worksheets

Overview of Worksheets

When using the plain-paper version of Scanline you may choose to print worksheets. A worksheet is a piece of paper that, like the bubble sheet, has a barcode that is linked to an individual student who is taking a particular test in a specific class. If you would like to see and record the work of your students for a test item, such as the work for solving a math question, you may use the worksheet for that purpose. You may also provide these worksheets to students for writing essays. Just as with the bubble sheets, you scan these worksheets using a Galileo-supported scanner. You may then access students' work online.

Note: Once worksheets are scanned into Galileo they are not associated with any particular test item. For this reason, you will want to request that students identify which test question the answer goes to. You may want to test the scanner prior to generating the Worksheet.

How to Print Worksheets

1. Hover over Assessment, then select Print Test Materials


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Add Launchpad Tiles for more information

2. Click Print Worksheets


3. Use the drop down menus to select the appropriate School, Class, Library, and Test for which you want to print worksheets

4. Select the students for whom you would like to print a worksheet


5. Select the number of worksheets you would like to print per student


6. Click Print Worksheets

7. You will distribute the printed test booklet and the appropriate answer sheet and worksheets, when applicable, to the students during the time you scheduled. After the test is administered, the bubble sheets need to be scanned.

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