Testing the Scanner

Before generating the bubble sheet or worksheet for all the students, it is important that you print at least one sample answer sheet (Printer Test Sheets) to verify that the key elements are correctly printed and that it will scan the answers correctly. The Print Test Sheets must be "originals." We recommend that you print at least five Print Test Sheets. These sheets should not be photocopied.

1. Hover over Assessment, then select Print Test Materials


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Add Launchpad Tiles for more information

2. Click Print Bubble Sheets


3. You can print a sample test answer sheet (Printer Test Sheet) by using the click here link at the top of this page


4. A printout of a sample test answer sheet (Printer Test Sheet) is generated. You should print at least five copies of this sample answer sheet to the scanner printer.


5. On the sample test answer sheet, check to make sure all registration (anchor) marks are located on the top and bottom of the page. Refer to Printing Tips for more details.

6. Run all the sample test answer sheets through the same scanner that will be used for the students' sheets. For directions on scanning, see Scanning

7. After you have scanned these sample test answer sheets

i. If no errors/problems were encountered, then you may print the bubble sheets for the students. See Printing Bubble Sheets/Grading Sheets for directions.

ii. If errors/problems were encountered, these issues must be addressed prior to generating bubble sheets. See Scanline Tips and Troubleshooting and Printing Tips for further details.