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Once students have taken an offline test, the bubble sheets and worksheets may be scanned into Galileo. Once tests are scanned into Galileo, Galileo will automatically score the multiple choice, true/false, and yes/no items. If grading sheets were used by the teacher, these are scanned into Galileo, and Galileo will automatically record the information.


1. Collect completed answer sheets and, if applicable, worksheets.

2. Gather all your grading sheets and arrange them to face the same direction.

3. Go through the bubble sheets and worksheets to make sure:

  • Students have bubbled-in answers clearly
  • Students have not written on barcodes or have damaged tests
  • Worksheets are placed in the order in which you would like them displayed in Galileo
  • Bubble sheets and worksheets are all facing the same direction

4. Scan completed bubble sheets (along with answer sheets and/or grading sheets) and worksheets into the computer with Scanline

  • The sheets are placed in the automatic document feeder face up
  • The bubble sheets and worksheets are placed so that the test name feeds into the scanner


5. Reports based on raw scores are available immediately in Galileo once the bubble sheets are scanned. Reports based on Developmental Level (DL) scores are available once an Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis is performed by ATI.


1. Open the Scanline application which will be found on your desktop


2. You will be prompted to login. Type in your Galileo Login Name and Password. Please note, this is the same password you typically use to login to Galileo K-12.


3. Place the answer sheets, grading sheets, and worksheets on the scanner. The test title must be fed first into the scanner. The papers should be facing up. Note: Make sure to place the worksheets in the order that you'd like them displayed in Galileo.

4. If necessary, verify the settings. Refer to Setting Up Scanline for more information.

5. Click the Scan Bubble Sheets tab

6. Click Start Scanning


7. The scanner will scan the answer sheets, grading sheets, and worksheets

8. If a problem is encountered while scanning a batch, you will be notified after all sheets have been scanned by a pop-up window. In addition the problem will be listed under the "Status" heading.

Now that offline tests are in the Galileo system, teachers may view the test results, score any items that need manual scoring, and generate reports.

Additional information

  • You can access and view the scanned sheet on the History Tab
  • Scanline allows you the ability to adjust certain features to better suit your needs. See Setting Up Scanline for more details.