How Scanline Works

1. Scanline is installed by downloading Scanline software from Galileo. Installation can easily be implemented by a District or School admin. Scanline only needs to be installed once on each computer hooked up to a Galileo-supported scanner.

2. Tests and plain-paper bubble sheets (answer sheets, worksheets, and grading sheets) are printed directly from Galileo. (See Printing Bubble Sheets/Grading Sheets)

3. Paper and pencil assessments are administered according to district/charter school protocol. The completed answer sheets, and when applicable grading sheets and worksheets, are scanned into Galileo at a designated Scanline "station" within the district/charter school.

4. Scanned assessments are quickly uploaded so test scores are immediately available for analysis.

5. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students have rapid access to aggregated reports on students' progress "anytime-anywhere" Galileo access is possible.