Printing Bubble Sheets/Grading Sheets


Teachers have the option of printing a test booklet from Galileo Online and providing the test to the student(s) as a pencil and paper test. Galileo provides you with the ability to print our bubble sheets (answer sheets and grading sheets) and worksheets suing an ATI-supported scanner and compatible printer. These sheets are scanned into Galileo using Scanline (the default) or GradeCam (which requires a separately purchased license.)

Check the Galileo K-12 System Requirements page for supported scanners.

To Print A Test

Printing Grading Sheets is found in step 7

1. Hover over Assessment, then select Print Test Materials


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Add Launchpad Tiles for more information

2. Under Scanline Options select Print Bubble Sheets


3. Select the appropriate class from the drop-down menu

Note: If you are an admin, you have the option to select [All classes scheduled for test]

4. Select the

i. Grade (optional)

ii. Library

iii. Test

5. Select the student(s) for whom you would like to print the bubble sheets

6. Select the test Schedule. If the test has not yet been scheduled, click either the Quick Schedule or Go to Class Calendar link

7. Click Print Answer Sheet or Print Grading Sheet

i. If the test contains both open response items and fixed response items, print answer sheets for students

ii. Print the grading sheets if the teacher will score open response items offline.

Note: When an assessment contains a mixture of multiple choice and open response questions, the answer sheet is printed for the students and a grading sheet is printed for the teacher. The Print Grading Sheet button will only appear if there are open response questions on the selected test.


8. If you are providing students with worksheets, refer to Print Worksheets for instructions.

9. Distribute the printed test booklets and answer sheets to the students during the scheduled test time. To ensure accurate growth expectations, scan answer/grading sheets as soon as possible after administration.