Class Calendar

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The Class Calendar page is where users (generally administrators) can schedule and view instruction tasks such as Dialogs, lessons, assignments, test (including benchmark tests), and events. Users may also view, edit, delete, and schedule events from the Teacher Dashboard's Calendar view.


Note: This is available to District-level users and certain School-level users.

1. Click one of the following:

a. Assessment > Test Scheduling > Class Calendar

b. The Class Calendar icon   blobid0.png

c. The Class Calendar tile from the launchpad    mceclip0.png

See Manage & Customize Tiles if you need help adding this tile to your launchpad.

2. Verify the right School and Class have been selected


1. Click Filter Events to filter the calendar's listed events.


2. Change the calendar view from day, week, or month, by clicking the appropriate link


3. Click the printer icon to print the calendar

4. To view details on scheduled events, click the event's name

5. Use the Build button to access the Test Builder, Dialog Builder, Digital Curriculum Builder, and Lesson Plan Builder tools.

6. Use the Schedule button to schedule a test, assignment, lesson plan, unit, general event, and access to the Bulk Scheduler Tool

Edit Scheduled Event

1. Locate and click on the event you wish to edit

2. Make the desired changes

3. Make sure you save any changes

Delete Scheduled Event

1. Locate and click on the event you wish to delete

2. Click Delete

Schedule Event

1. To schedule an event, click on the desired scheduling link and complete the scheduling page

a. Scheduling Tests

b. Schedule Assignment [link pending]

c. Schedule General Event [link pending]

d. Bulk Scheduler