Class Schedule

Using the Class Schedule a user can quickly see all the classes a student is currently enrolled in and those in which they were previously enrolled.

To Access the Class Schedule

From Student Page

1. Toggle to the student page by either:

a. Clicking Student then select Class Schedule from the drop-down menu


b. Toggling to the Student Information Page

2. Select the appropriate school from the School drop-down menu

3.  Select the appropriate class from the Class drop-down menu

4. Select the appropriate student from the Student drop-down menu

5. Select whether or not you'd like dropped classes to display using the radio buttons in the Dropped classes box


6. To print the Class Schedule for the selected student, click mceclip7.png

7. If you do not know what class the student is in you may search for the student by last name by clickingmceclip4.png

Delete a Student Enrollment Record

You may delete enrollment records via the Class Schedule page. this allows you to remove erroneous records when a student has been temporarily dropped/added and the record need not be kept. Just click on the trash bin icon to remove the desired record.