Managing Classes in Galileo (Standalone/Legacy)

Add a Class   Edit a Class   Delete a Class

Before classes may be entered into Galileo, a course must be defined in Galileo. Classes may be entered by either District-level users or School-level users.

Add a Class

1. Click Setup

2. Click School Information

3. Click Class


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Launchpad for more information

4. Select the appropriate school

5. Select the Term to which you wish to add classes. You may create different classes for different terms.

6. Click the Add a new class link

7. Click the Show Courses button

To limit the courses you see:

a. Filter by Grade Level using the drop-down menu and then click Show Courses

b. Filter by Course code by entering it into the box and then click Show Courses


8. Click the Select button next to the course for which you wish to add a class (section). The Add Class page then opens


9. Enter the requested information. The Class Name is based on whatever convention the district/charter school has devised; which generally follows the naming convention used in the student information system.


9. Click the Save button

Edit a Class

Click the pencil icon or the name of the class to open the class for editing. Make edits and save.


Delete a Class

Click the trashbin icon next to the name of the class.


You may delete multiple classes by clicking the Delete Class link on the Class List page, selecting the class(es) and then clicking the Delete Classes button.