Managing Courses (Standalone/Legacy)

Add A Course   View Course   Filter Courses   Edit a Course   Delete a Course

Add A Course

Courses may be entered by District-level users.

1. Click Setup

2. Click Data Setup

3. Click Courses


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Launchpad for more information

4. Click the Add a new course link

5. Enter Course Title, a Course Code (based on whatever convention the district/charter school has devised; generally follows the naming convention used in the student information system), and, if desired, a Description of the course.


6. Select the grade level(s) appropriate to the course. (For example, English 10 might just have 10th Grade checked, but Spanish 2 might have 9th-12th checked.)

7. Click the

a. Save button to return to the course list, or

b. Save & New button to save this entry and add additional courses, or

c. Cancel button to return to the Courses page. No data entered will be saved when the Cancel button is selected.

View Course

The course list is paginated, containing 10 courses per page on the Courses page. To navigate to subsequent pages, click the next number link. To get the next 10 pages, click the ... link. To go all the way to the last page, click the >> link.


Filter Courses

The course list can be filtered by grade level or by course code on the Courses page.


To display the filtered list:

1. Select the Grade Level using the drop-down menu and click on the Refresh Course List button, or

2. Enter the Course Code in the box and click on the Refresh Course List button.

Edit A Course

Click on the pencil icon, Code number link, or Course Title link to open the course for editing. Make edits and save.


Delete A Course

Click on the trashbin icon for the selected course.


NOTE:  When a course is deleted, no new class (sections) or that course can be created; however, existing classes (sections) attached to the deleted course will still show that course code, and will still be accessible.