Terms Overview (Standalone/Legacy)


District-level users create the terms that will be used in the upcoming school year. A term is a way in which the school year may be divided up into specific time frames. For example, your district/charter school may have semesters, quarters, or trimesters. Terms often define what classes are offered, so you will want the terms you create to accommodate the classes being taught throughout the year. Some things to keep in mind about terms:

  • District-level users may create different terms for different schools. For example, if one school has trimesters, while another has semesters, the system may accommodate this.
  • When logged in as a District-level user and working in a particular school, you will only see that school's terms.
  • School-level users and Class-level users will only be able to see and access the terms that a District-level user assigns them.
  • Selected terms determine which classes are loaded in the drop-downs; however, aggregate reports will still include data from the entire school year.
  • Report card grading periods will still have to be defined; they are not connected to these terms.

Once a Term is defined, Managing Courses can be created.

Note: Most districts/charter schools opt to submit a data upload to ATI to reflect the new terms to their district/charter school during a school year instead of manually entering this information.

See also: Create Term