Motivation Overview

Imagine Math’s innovative motivation system inspires student to learn by helping develop problem-solving skills, perseverance, academic self-esteem and confidence. By rewarding students for consistent effort and achievement, students are driven to use Imagine Math and practice math – even on nights and weekends. We continually develop national and local-level motivational programs and contests to make math fun and engaging while encouraging students to work independently and collaboratively towards their goals.

Our current motivational features include:

THINK Points

As students work through lessons, they earn think points. THINK points are awarded for completing lessons, and additional THINK points are awarded for performing well on the lesson. Students can use their think points to design their avatar, donate to classroom goals, or to donate to charity.


Students have an Avatar, a character that they can customize as they work through the program. Students can use THINK points to buy different articles of clothing and various other items for their Avatars.

Classroom goals

Teachers can set classroom goals for their students, and choose a total amount of THINK points for the students to donate collectively in order to achieve the goal. When students go to redeem their THINK points, they can choose which classroom goal to donate too, and how many think points they want to donate.

Teacher View

Student View


Charities are managed by the Imagine Math Motivation Team, and different charity options will be available at different times.  Every charity will have a designated amount that can be donated to that charity and this will be shown when students review the charity option. Once the Charity Goal has been met, charity donations are no longer viable. Students can save their points for the next month's charity feature. Charity options are not available during the summer months, June, July, and August. 


Throughout the year the Imagine Math Motivation Team runs various different contests, with the rewards generally including bonus THINK points, and sometimes offering gift cards or other prizes. A teacher can view a list of the current Contests in the Contests section of the Motivation tab.