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Introducing the Imagine Language & Literacy Assessments

Imagine Language & Literacy employs assessment tools to gather information about student skill levels. For each student, data provided by the suite of tools support the estimation of point-in-time skill level. This further drives developmentally appropriate placement in the program, which determines content and instruction to be delivered and changes in skill level over time.  

For Imagine Language & Literacy Cloud users, the assessments include three principal test systems:  Placement Test, Benchmark Test, and Reading Level Assessment Powered by The Lexile┬« Framework for Reading. Individual sites may choose to use all three test systems or may select only those that best meet their needs. Imagine Language & Literacy recommends that its partners enable the Reading Level Assessment only if they require the specific data the assessments provide.


Placement Test

The Placement Test assesses the student's current proficiency in literacy and oral language skills, including letter recognition, word recognition, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. This test is given automatically when new students start using Imagine Language & Literacy (regardless of the time of year) and the results are used to place the student accurately within the curriculum. It also provides a baseline against which Teachers can compare future Benchmark Test results. Once students have been placed, they begin Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum. Within the curriculum, there are various pretests given at checkpoints that analyze and respond to the student's performance as they progress through Imagine Language & Literacy. These tests are given automatically and may adjust the student's pace in the curriculum depending on how they score.

The Placement Test is not optional. It is administered to all students when they begin using Imagine Language & Literacy and serves two primary purposes: it places the student appropriately within the Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum and provides a baseline against which Benchmark Test results can be compared. Completion of the assessment initializes the delivery of Imagine Language & Literacy content. Students can access the Benchmark Test system up to three times a year: beginning-, middle-, and end-of-year. 

Benchmark Tests

The Beginning Benchmark Test is administered to all students who used Imagine Language & Literacy the year prior. The results of the Benchmark Tests can be directly compared to Placement Test results, or those of previously administered Benchmark Tests, to detect changes in performance since those tests track changes as they relate to grade-level proficiency. 

Three different benchmark tests are available for students to take: the Beginning of Year Benchmark, Middle of Year Benchmark, and End of Year Benchmark. Their structure is similar to that of the placement test, however, they only make small modifications to the students' lesson sequence, and are mainly used to give the student a score in overall literacy and in oral vocabulary.

The Benchmark Test provides a baseline to show growth in students' literacy and oral language skills as they progress throughout the school year. The results of any Benchmark test can be directly compared to students' initial Placement Test results, or to any Benchmark Tests students have previously taken, to measure changes in student performance.

Benchmark Eligibility

Students are eligible to take the Benchmark Test if at least 93 days have passed since they completed the Placement Test. 

Placement Test Reporting

  • If the Placement Test is taken in the Beginning Benchmark Test window or in November, results will be reported in the Beginning Benchmark Test window.
  • If the Placement Test is taken in the Middle Benchmark Test window or is taken between March 1 and March 25, results will be reported in the Middle Benchmark Test window.
  • If taken after March 25, the Placement Test scores will not be shown as a Benchmark Test and will report only as the Placement Test score.

Reading Level Assessments (RLA)

Our program offers three Reading Level Assessments. These tests are used solely to determine the students' reading level and do not influence the students' lesson sequence in any way.

The Reading Level Assessment Powered by The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a third-party assessment that measures a student's reading comprehension ability throughout the school year using the Lexile Framework for Reading. The test provides an independent, point-in-time estimate of student reading levels, and provides a baseline against which you can base changes in student reading levels.

RLA Eligibility

Students are eligible to take the Reading Level Assessment if:

  • They have completed the Placement Test.
  • They are in Grade 2 and have completed or placed above Beginning Book 48.

If you have enabled both the Benchmark Test and the Reading Level Assessment for your organization, students will receive the Reading Level Assessment after they complete the Placement Test or the Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test (if all other RLA eligibility requirements have been met).

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