Introducing students to Imagine Math Grade 3+

Show these orientation videos in either English or Spanish to your students before they start using Imagine Math Grade 3+. It explains everything your students need to know about what Imagine Math Grade 3+ is and how to use it successfully.

English narration


Narración en Español


This short video explains to students how to use Imagine Math Grade 3+. First, they need to log in to Imagine Math Grade 3+ and use headphones to hear instructions. Then they'll take a Benchmark Test which will determine which lessons are best for them so that students can move through Imagine Math at their own pace. Students also learn that they should take the Benchmark Test in one sitting, if possible, and use a math journal to show their written work. Students start their math lessons after they finish the Benchmark Test. Once students are ready to start their math lessons, show them this video that explains to the components and routines of an Imagine Math Grade 3+ lesson.

Students learn how to use their Imagine Math Dashboard to see their current lesson and their next lesson, as well as how many lessons they’ve completed and how many lessons they’ve passed. They can also see the number of THINK Points they’ve earned from answering math questions correctly, and read any messages from their teacher. They can use their THINK Points to customize their avatar, contribute to classroom goals, or donate to qualified charities chosen by Imagine Learning.

Students also learn how to check the Leaderboard to see how they are ranked. Students are ranked by the number of THINK Points they've earned and the number of lessons they've passed. They can use their rank to compete in Imagine Math contests. Students can also personalize their Dashboard by customizing their background image. To log out of Imagine Math, students learn how to hover over the drop-down menu next to their avatar and click Sign Out.


Click the Closed Caption icon ( icon_cc_final.PNG ) in the video player task bar to display captions so students can follow along as they listen.