Clearing the Cache and Cookies on a Browser


*  Navigate to chrome://history

*  Click Clear Browsing Data

*  Ensure the beginning of time or All Time is selected for: Clear the following items from

*  Select the items to remove and click to Clear browsing data

 Note: Chrome users can press Control+Shift+Delete to quickly pull up Cache Clear


Mozilla Firefox:

*  Click the Open Menu icon at the top right corner of the address bar

*  Select History

*  Select items and press Delete


Internet Explorer

*  Open the Tools icon

*  Select Internet Options

*  Look for the Browsing History and click the Delete... button

*  We recommend selecting:  Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data, History, Download History

*  After you make your selections, click Delete at the bottom of the window

*  Click the Apply button and then the OK button


Microsoft Edge

*  Open the Hub Icon (3 horizontal lines at the top bar)

*  Click the History icon

*  Click Clear all History

*  Select Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files

*  Click Clear

*  Watch for the prompt that it is All Clear!



* Click Safari in toolbar

* Click Preferences

* Click Privacy tab

* Click Remove All Website Data...

* Click Remove Now