Why are my students working on lessons I haven't already taught?

Teachers and parents often are concerned that students will encounter lessons in Imagine Math that have not yet been covered in their regular math class.  Keep in mind, Imagine Math is a supplemental math tutorial program that is designed not only for remediation but also to enrich students' learning goals.  It's not uncommon for Imagine Math to be the venue that introduces a math concept to a student.  When students encounter concepts with which they are not yet familiar, it is even more important that they utilize the instructional tools built in the Guided Learning activity of Imagine Math. 

Students who struggle with a concept should use the Math Help when it is available; they should practice taking notes of any tutorial or instructional information so that they have it for reference when working in the Practice (independent practice) or the Post Quiz activity for a lesson.  The goal of Imagine Math is for students to gain a better understanding of the concepts they should have already learned; AND, to also gain an understanding of concepts they will be learning.  As a result, a new (to the student) math concept may be introduced as either a remediation lesson or even as a regularly targeted pathway lesson.  Experiencing a new concept through Imagine Math will help to develop a prior knowledge of the concept.  This allows a teacher the opportunity to solidify the concept when finally introducing it in class.  We frequently have teachers tell us that when they get to a new concept, students will often say "I did that on Imagine Math! Now I get it!"

Success is born of failure.  It is okay for students to struggle... when they struggle, they learn... when they conquer, they own it! 


If you prefer to re-order the lessons, review how to Create a Custom Pathway