Can I remove lessons from a pathway?

We appreciate the need to make some adjustments to your pathways.  The short answer is "it depends"!  It's all dependent on the type of pathway you're looking to edit... 

1. Imagine Math Pathway: If the student is currently working through a Imagine Math pathway, no, the pathway cannot be edited.  You do have the option to Clone the Pathway, then Edit the Pathway as needed.  You can edit the lessons or the Pathway Settings!

  • If you decide to clone and assign the new, edited pathway, please note students will re-take any previously-completed lessons still present on the new pathway.

2. Custom Pathway: If the student is assigned a custom pathway, you can edit the pathway at any time! Please note any changes will affect ALL students currently on that pathway.  

  • Note: Edits made to a custom pathway will only be realized for the student if the student has NOT yet encountered that lesson.  For example, if the 3rd lesson is removed from the pathway and the student is already on lesson #5, no changes will occur.  Conversely, if the 3rd lesson is removed and the student is on lesson #1, the pathway will be updated and the student will not encounter that lesson.  

Remember, all new pathways need to be Assigned in order for students to start working on them.