Where do students see their THINK Points?

There are two separate places your students can view points, on your Home Screen and in the Class Leaders dashboard.  Here are some additional details: 

Home Screen THINK Points: 
1. THINK Points Earned in Lesson = These points are specific to the amount the student has earned so far in the current lesson. Once the lesson is finished, these points are reset to zero, as they are specific to the current lesson.

2. THINK Points This Year = This is a grand total of the points the student has earned this year. All of his or her points received in all lessons combined will add up to this total.

3. THINK Points to Spend = This is the amount of points the student has to spend right now. This will be his or her THINK Points This Year minus the THINK Points spent on Avatar items, Contests and Classroom Goals.

Class Leaders: 
The student points leaderboard shows students a hierarchy of who has earned the most points this week as well as who has completed the most lessons.  The student leaderboard follows the same principals as educator-view leaderboards.  See our article to learn more about these leaderboards!