Create Custom Pathway in Imagine Math

1. Hover over Content, click Learning Pathways

2. Click Create a Pathway

3. Enter Name of new pathway

4. Select Grade Level

5. Choose preferred Pathway Options

6. Click Save

Note: You will be prompted to "Edit Pathway" in order to add lessons

7. Scroll down to view the grade level lessons 

8. Drag & drop desired lessons from Available Lessons to Selected Lesson columns

Note: You may order the chosen lessons to how you need them to be delivered. You can change the grade level to select lessons from lower/higher grade levels if needed.

9. Click Save

Note:  The pathway will be housed under ContentManage PathwaysCustomer-Created tab.

To further customize the pathway, please see article Add/Remove/Move Lessons in a Custom Pathway

To assign this new pathway, please see article Assign a Pathway