Editing school information in Imagine Math PreK-2

As a District Administrator, you can edit the name, time zone active status and unique identifier, and manage groups, for any school in your district. If your district has both Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts, you can also set or change Imagine Math Facts default settings for the school.  


Only District Administrators have the ability to view and manage school accounts.


If you see Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, this means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage accounts, classes and schools within your district. You'll need to contact your district's IT staff to find out what information you can manually edit and what has to be done through the SIS.

To edit a school in your district

  1. Log in to the Math suite.
  2. From your dashboard Quick Links click View Schools.


    Alternatively, click Management > Schools in the navigation pane.

  3. Click Edit under Actions, for the school you want to edit.

    Use the Search feature to quickly locate a school, should you have a large number of schools.


  4. Change whatever school information you need to.


    This table lists all the editable settings

    Term/Field Description
    Name Displays the current name of the school.

    To change the school name, highlight the current name and type the new name in its place.

    Time zone Displays the time zone where the school is located.

    To change the time zone, click the down-arrow and select the appropriate time zone from the list.

    Active Indicates whether the school is currently active.

    To change to inactive, uncheck the checkbox.

    school  identifier If the school has a TEA school identifier, it is displayed. A TEA identifier is a unique identifier used to distinguish this school from another in an information system.

    To add or change the school's TEA school identifier, highlight the current ID and type the new ID in its place.

    Operation Ordering Only visible if you have both the Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts products.

    Operation Ordering specifies that students must pass an operation with 90% or greater on the post-test before they can move on to the next operation, and the order in which students complete different operations. By default, the order of operations is: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    When checked, you can rearrange the operations in the order that you want students in all classes to complete them. To reorder the operations, click the left or right arrow to move an operation one position to the left or right.


    When checked, the selected settings are automatically applied as the operation order default for all classes in the school.

    Friendly Mode Only visible if you have both the Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts products.

    Specifies whether or not to enable Friendly Mode. When Friendly Mode is enabled, most enemies won't attack the student's avatar if they answer a question incorrectly, and if they do attack, the enemies won't cause any damage.

    When unchecked, friendly mode is automatically set as the default for all classes in the school.

    Manage Groups Allows you to add or remove school group associations for the school.

    A school group is simply a means for grouping multiple schools together for the purpose of gathering report data for only that group of schools. For example, if you wanted a report to reflect only the schools in a specific sub-division, you could group those schools and then obtain reports based on that group. School groups are mainly used by larger districts that want to identify smaller groups of schools within their area for report aggregates.

    To add a school group to the school, click mceclip2.png add.
    To remove a school group from a school, click mceclip1.png remove.


  5. Click Save. Your edits are saved and you are returned to the Schools pag