Why can't my student access the Language & Literacy tile?

Only Imagine Assessment Tile Available

If Galileo is your district's assessment provider then your students will receive this message when they first log on:


(You need to take the Imagine Assessment: Galileo test. Click here to take the test.)

They will be unable to select the Language & Literacy tile until a test has been assigned to them with the Easy Benchmark or Bulk Scheduler and they have submitted it.

If you believe that the test has been submitted by the student or a teacher, you can verify that it was indeed submitted by using the Test Monitoring Feature

No Tiles Available

If the student logs in and does not see any of the tiles available, you will need to check their product access. You can check the status or assign the product with Assign Product Access



Galileo benchmarks are available for Language & Literacy students in grades K-12, lower grades will access Language & Literacy upon their first login.

NWEA Testing Availability

Organizations that use NWEA as their assessment provider will see the following message when they haven't yet taken an NWEA test that is required for access to our  Literacy programs.