First language support & L1 fade

First Language Support is an option for teachers to have their students receive instructions and some feedback in their native language. The program still teaches English concepts but uses the student's first language in strategic ways to help them learn English. First language support is only implemented on select activities where it has been determined to prove the most effective, the goal is to maintain a balance between helping the student understand the activity while still pushing them to learn English. 

  1. Provide instructions in their native language the first time the student does an activity. For example, the Placement Test will tell the students how to answer questions but it will still test them in English.
  2. Teach difficult or unfamiliar concepts in their native language (such as rhyming) before teaching the concept in English and teaching sounds that may not exist in their home language.
  3. Review vocabulary in their native language before teaching them vocabulary in English.
  4. Printouts have instructions written in the native language but still have the questions written in English.

L1 Fade

L1 fade is the process whereby the first language support is strategically removed for students to continue in the program in English only.

  • The first time a student with language support comes to an activity they haven't seen before, they are automatically given instructions in their native language.
  • The second and third times the same student comes to that activity, the instructions are given in English with the option to select the flag icon and hear the instructions in their native language.
  • After the third time coming to that activity, the instructions will only be given in English and the flag icon will not be selectable.

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