Adding teachers and classes in bulk in Imagine Math Facts


Only District Administrators and School Administrators have the ability to bulk add teachers and classes. 

This article explains how a District Administrator or School Administrator can add accounts for Teachers (which encompasses all roles equivalent to a teacher role) and the classes they are assigned to, all at one time. This method requires using a CSV file that you must first create from a downloadable template. In the template you supply basically the same information as with the individual method, though you also include the class that each teacher will be assigned to. You can then import that file, which in turn adds the teachers to the school. If any class listed in the bulk import CSV file already exists, the teacher is simply assigned to it; if the class does not yet exist, the Bulk method creates the class account and then assigns the teacher to it. When the upload finishes successfully, you can view and edit the newly added teacher accounts on the Educators for [school name] page.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that if you see Managed by SIS, you check with your district's IT Staff, prior to adding a an educator's account. 
  • Review the Adding educators article, to determine if this is the method you should use for adding your teachers. 
  • Review (or print) the Self Managed Rostering: Math Educator import file specification article to use as your guide in entering teacher information into the CSV file. 
  • Make sure you have each educator's full name, email address password and assigned class, prior to starting the steps below. 

To add teachers and their classes using a CSV file

  1. In the navigation pane, click Management > Educators.
  2. Click Import.

    Bulk Import

  3. Under Upload a CSV, click Get Started.


  4. District Administrators ONLY -- Select the school you are adding teachers and classes to.
  5. Select Add Teachers and Classrooms as the import type, then click Next.


  6. Click Select File and load the CSV file containing your teachers and their classes, then click Next.


    The information in your file is checked for issues. If any appear, you'll see a banner indicating the issue(s) and its corresponding row in the CSV file. You can edit the CSV file to correct the issue(s), and then select to upload the file again.

  7. If everything is correct, click Next.

    If you notice any discrepancies, you can fix them by clicking Previous to start over. 


    As the uploaded file processes, the teachers and classes are added to Imagine Math Facts. Classes that already exist are not overwritten, instead, the teacher is simply added to the existing class. 

    When the process finishes, a complete page displays a summary of the add, and offers the option to start a new import, upload another CSV file or return to your dashboard.



The above method will not send the account holders an automated email. You must provide them with their usernames and passwords in order for them to log in. Once they login, the educators can update their passwords.