Deleting inactive student accounts in Imagine Math Facts

If you are a District Administrator, School Administrator, or Teacher, you can delete one or more inactive student accounts from your school or class. Deleting a student account permanently removes it, along with all associated student performance and usage data. District Administrators can delete any student account from any school; School Administrators can only delete student accounts from their school; Teachers can only delete student accounts from their classes. 

Imagine Math Facts student accounts cannot be deleted if the students have logged in to Imagine Math or completed at least 1 math item. Instead, you can deactivate the student account, which preserves their performance and usage data. Deactivating a student account allows you to reactivate it, if you need to.

If your school or district is using both Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math Facts, you can delete student accounts at any time, regardless of whether or not your students have logged in or completed any math questions. 

If a student is assigned to more than one class, you can't delete their student account, but you can deactivate their account. If your student moves to another class, teacher, or school, you don't need to delete their student account. Instead, you can move their student account from your class, teacher, or school to the new one. If you attempt to delete a student before they are deactivated you will receive an error message. 


Deleting a student account permanently removes the account and erases the student's performance and usage data. It is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

Before you begin

  • Check the student accounts that you want to delete. If those students have already logged in to Imagine Math Facts, you must deactivate those student accounts before you delete them.

To delete inactive student accounts

  1. Log in to the Math Suite. If this is your first time logging in, choose Imagine Math Facts.


  2. If you are a District Administrator, click Management > Schools in the navigation pane, find your school, then click Classes under Actions.


    If you are a School Administrator or Educator, click Management > Classrooms in the navigation pane.


  3. Click Current Students for the class where you want to delete inactive student accounts.


  4. Click Inactive Students to display the Inactive Students list.


  5. Check the box next to each student account that you want to delete, then click Delete. To choose all student accounts, check the box in the column heading row. 



    When you delete a student account, all the student's performance and usage data is permanently deleted.

  6. Click Delete to confirm that you want to delete these inactive student accounts.


    The student accounts, along with the associated performance and usage data, are deleted and the student accounts are removed from the Inactive Students list.